Over And Underneath

You heard thunder but you ignored the rain.

You dug your own grave.
You buried yourself in.
Later, you will wonder how you were destroyed by the shaking of Earth’s pain.

You saw, but you cannot see.

You were told you will bleed.
But listening was something you never did
You did all you thought of
But you never remembered to remember the cost; how much.

You will not murmur sorrow under your breath.
You will not mourn in agony.
You will collapse with your whole being wailing in anguish.
And with your tongue tasting the poison of your existence,
You will die, screaming at the moon.

You heard thunder, but you dared to ignore the rain.

You felt, but you cannot feel.
But numb and cold hearted,
You eventually will feel the frost bites
Tearing your insides apart.

A while ago
You said they were wrong.
Now you’re in the same state but you deny your own locality.
You criticize but then, you make the same mistakes.
You fall.
Even ten times harder
Than they.

You asked for help so people would stop talking
You heard, but you did not heed.
You heard, but you did not listen.
You asked, but you refused reception

When the earth shakes
And the sky’s heart breaks,
It will not only cry rain and vomit pain,
It will surely bleed.
And its pieces
Will cut you.

You live in darkness,
Constantly thinking the moon is enough light.
But when the sky should be black no more, you will then see
The dark side
Of the moon

You will be just as good as dead.
As discerning and as discreet as the blind.
Therefore will you stumble.
And the trees and stubs you once cut down and uprooted
Will cut you.

The wind will blow
And the earth will quake
And then the rocks you threw at the poor,
The lowly in heart,
And the ones with dimly lit confidence
Will come flying at you.
The ground you once cursed for others, filled with all the black and ugly your heart speaks, Will swallow you.

You’re not a queen if your throne is made out of all the people you stepped on just to look superior
Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine any brighter.

You will then face your inner black and ugly
And then finally see what reeks beneath.

11017808226_73e0c86fa8_bBeneath what seems beautiful.



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