Child Abuse??

So two weeks ago, I heard about this Korean mother who got jailed for “child abuse” and I was like what could she possibly have done to her child???

Anyway, I decided to read the article and lo and behold I saw photos of the poor little thing and his scars(he looked 5 or 6)
I must say, it wasn’t a pretty sight. (Know how scars show more on caucasians and light-skinned people right?) she was said to have beaten the boy up on a regular basis for lying “excessively” and for failing to do his homework
So anyway, my first reaction was, “This woman must have had a rough life. Awn” then I thought “No. She’s mad. insane. Completely out of her mind. What normal person would do this??”
Then I remembered my own childhood. I’m dark skinned. So whenever my mom ever beat me up you’d only see welts and some wounds, occasionally. But they always healed real quick (which explains why I’m this ugly lmao my body suffered)

I often got beaten for the same reason the boy’s mom beat him (LMAO) you know now, as per Nigerian parents ishh. And y’all know how some parents roll

Now I’m thinking, is it really child abuse…idk
Cause I really thought it was normal(apart from the fact that of course in Nigeria it isn’t a crime to hit your child)
So now I’m wondering
Why is it so normal in Nigeria to hurt kids?

Physical wounds can heal.
But not the branding of the word hurt” on a child’s heart.
Some kids take things differently though

But isn’t there some other way to get them to behave right and teach them what life really is supposed to be without leaving scars??
Not saying spanking shouldn’t be done but…there must be a way


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