I didn’t grow up expecting acne. I thought I was going to be one hottt girl in the future. But, Life happened.
Right now I’m battling with acne. I shouldn’t be, But I am.
My mom happens to be doing exploits on everyone’s face all around the nation…Everyone but me.
She has a natural cosmetics line and is only letting me use Neem Oil on my face.
The thing is, whenever I use other stuff, I become lighter. Idrk why.
I wasn’t born this dark it’s just that I play basketball outdoors lol.
So I’ve decided to Neem oil my face every morning from today for a while to see what happens. This means I’m not using any other thing on my face apart from natural necessities and of course, Neem oil.

USES of Neem Oil:
-Skin healing
Dental health
Cancer treatment
Warts, sores etc
Insect repellent
Digestive probs
Irritated/ itching skin
Relieves dry skin
Helps with dandruff and stimulated hair growth
It lightens scars on most occasions
It’s anti-everything negative-
(list includes thing idk about yet)

But of course, there are limits to what it can do.

So anyway, here’s a picture of one part of my face with its eruptions and an eye bag

When I say “natural necessities” I mean water and soap lol. As for the soap, it isn’t going to be Lux or Dove, or any bird whatsoever. I use only natural, non-synthetic  cosmetics.
It’s the way forward (considering the side effects (that only natural medicine practitioners consider as side effects) years after the heavily chemicalized product was used, I don’t think it’s worth it for me to use those sort of inorganics)

(Btw, I heard  that in some countries, natural med doctors get murdered (because they’re doing what really works. Ya know, quantum health solutions and stuff like that. Basically, people don’t actually need pills and those other nastry stuff for anything but the other doctors will of course be losing moneyyy)


So, anyone who would like to try this #NeemOilChallenge after this thing works should hmu


No, it isn’t a trending ish or anything. But so whattt lol.

(btw, my mom is pracising natural medicine as well. She calls herself a herbalist.)


Thanks for reading, muah

2 thoughts on “#TheNeemOilTreatmentChallenge

  1. If it works for you that’s great. I’ve had acne so long I have pretty much accepted the fact that I’ll have it until I’m old and gray (Lord willing I see old age.) I’ll be 28 in July and I’ve had acne since I was about ten or eleven. I truly hope it works for you, and the one recommendation I’d have is: take care of your skin, avoid foods that can cause flares, and get rest. It also helps to know what triggers your breakouts so you can manage it better.

    You have acne; it’s not the end of the world and you’re still beautiful. Not even a pimple or a wrinkle can change that.

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