You Should Know This

It could be a lie.
Maybe it’s true.
Maybe it’s just the naive part of my heart telling me I love you.
Maybe it’s just breathing under fatigue that causes people to fall in love with mere signs of relief.
I don’t know if that’s what you may be, but I know you are more than that
I may not know why you’re in my life, but as a fact,
I do know that you’re currently my one and only
And if I was to give up my life, I’d give it to you solely.
With you, I breathe better.
You’re beautiful, and I’ll never forgive you for that
You’re amazing, and I want you to never forget that
Don’t ever wonder why people don’t see what I see
Your value surpasses whatever  standard their looking glass may be
I’ll always be here for you.
I love you
Whenever darkness covers your countenance, baby, you’ll always have me
I love you
Lift up your face

But I tell you, I can’t tell you this
The feelings I have for you could destroy both of us
And if that happens, I don’t know how we would get fixed
If you could touch how I feel, you could get burned
And maybe all the words that I’ve said, you’ll have them returned
The feelings are here, so I’m burning internally
I want to, but I don’t want to but I can’t control it.
We are infinite, when I met you, my soul lit
But yeah, I’ve just got to pretend
Cause I can’t tell you.
I wasn’t ready.
You took me by surprise.
I’m in love with you, but when I look into your eyes,
That isn’t what I’m going to tell you
I can’t tell you; know this.
Whatever you’re going to do,
Just please, let go of my heart.
At least, just this bit
I hate loving you. Know this.

Please Let My Paper Heart Be.

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