Right now

There’s no “near to perfect” moment
There’s no happy moment
There’s no glimmer of hope
The only things that sparkle are the tears that roll down my face whenever I think of the hope You promised me
I hope there’s going to be a better place
Where I forget
Where I only cry from joy
Where joy isn’t temporary
And I never have to be alone
Where my thoughts can be penned down without being critiqued
I hope I can live to old age and not die from heart ache
I miss being loved
I miss being happy
I miss me
I can’t even remember who that is
Everything feels different
I’m sorry God,
I can’t forget the old
You said you will do a new thing but the only things new here are new regrets
New hurts
New friends that walk away

I’m tired God

Look down on me and smile Cause I know the sun rises when Your Face beams
I want a family
I just want new dreams
I’m dead and I want You to raise me up and heal me
Please Love me
No one does

Wipe away every tear from my eyes like You said You will

Make my dreams come true

 Let me be part of Your family


doodle heart
doodle hand drawn heart shaped on white background

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