Oga Sir

This man is crying
They buried his wife
You are here sighing
Because you don’t have a boo
Be looking away like I am not talking to you
You, yes you!
Foolish boy!
Your mother is cooking you can’t even join
Dont turn the house into Battle of Boyne
She makes your lunch
It’s only meat that you eat
Visitors came
You can’t even greet
Wasting food
Do you think it is good
You went outside to be insulting police
Out on a stroll, you slapped ritualist
Very soon they will start asking for money
Look at you laughing
You think it is funny?
Sha, that one is even another different story.
Oga sir, how can you marry?
My brother who will you marry?
When will you marry?
Where will you marry?
I heard you burnt indomie
You couldn’t say sorry
You impregnated a girl
“I will kill you, Folake
you better not tell”
Brother, repent or you’ll go straight to hell


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