“If You Draw Too”

Things WILL happen.
I’m sure things have already happened.
Things we thought were bad, but were just doors opening to keep us from the “attractive”door? When you look back now or in a few years, you’ll realise all the stress you went to was just to keep you away from danger (because ya know, God is always trying to tell us but we don’t listen so He just allows these things, I guess. Lol) or to prepare you for one cool stuff ahead.

If you can or have ever been able to relate with the phrase “I draw too”
Know you are brave
Don’t forget.
You are strong
If you choose to draw, rather than throw fits and make the world difficult for those who make it hard for you, you’re the most amazing.
Because creating art instead of focusing on the pain has a lot to do with being optimistic and having the ability to fight —
with or without a weapon.
The only issue is where you channel your art to
Don’t stain your sheets with blood; here’s paper
Don’t think the master piece already formed on it is fictatious
It was done for you.

Draw or write the “how” and “why” till this “weakness” escapes you
If you’ve ever found your skin a more suitable canvas, and blood a better ink,
Know that the world awaits to hear your story.
Remember Christ already took the scars for you.
He has given you His strength, so give Him your weakness.
You will get through this.
You can do all things through Christ Who has given you strength
You don’t have to be strong enough– through your own ability.
God’s arm is with you.

You don’t have to struggle anymore.


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