She Fell Asleep and Dreamed of Paradise 

She fell asleep and dreamed of paradise.

She was clothed in stars and her happiness was a tattoo.
She floated with strength and dignity because this young girl was wise.

She skipped above the clouds for her heart was light
Her eyes sparkled with surety .

For she lived in the future 

There was nothing to be anxious about.
Her joints never hurt

Her chest never ached

There was no bodily pain

She couldn’t even remember their names
There were no tears hanging from the brim of her heart.

No threads left undone when God wove her into art.
“It is finished”

He said

And it was good 
But when she woke up,

She felt her eyelids burn with tears.

She knew it was a lie
She felt her mind lose itself 

Once again. 

She touched her ribs and still felt pain.

Then she looked in the mirror, her face had stains

Being in her skin still cut deep

Dried up tears

She had been crying in her sleep.


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