The Ladder Concept

Sometimes, the evil one tries to discourage our endeavours by saying,

“You failed each time you tried it in the past. What makes you think this would be any different?”

Set that voice behind you in the name of Jesus our Lord.
Look at this;

The Ladder Concept states that when climbing, just because the first step didn’t get you to your destination doesn’t mean you won’t get there at all. Each step brings us closer to our final goal, and if we climb with deliberate, eternal purpose, we cling till and for forever. If we run well, we run with God.
If we endure till the end, peace is ours forever.

Whether its in fighting  temptations when we’re meant to flee, or fleeing at the sight of high mountains when we’re meant to climb, in getting a job or in passing tests at school,
God is with you.

Wherever God is, light is. Wherever light is, life is.

So keep on climbing. The real truth is, the climb never truly ends until God’s heart beckons us beyond this earth.


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